MICOR recently welcomed Magnus Hi-Tech to the MICOR family and are one company offering expansive capabilities to better serve our customers.
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MICOR Industries is committed to investing in advanced manufacturing capabilities, high quality machining equipment and software to deliver excellence, always.

Headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, MICOR’s operations and industry-leading equipment are housed in two facilities comprising 40,000 sq. ft. on two acres. The company also has a campus in Melbourne, Florida, and an office in Garden Grove, California. Facility capabilities include manufacturing, shipping, and receiving, quality, administration, programming, and accounting. An outside storage area also allows for up to 20 ruggedized containers. Inside our facility, you’ll find our investment in new and modern machining equipment and software. Our commitment to leading technology and machining is a direct advantage to MICOR customers.


  • Mazak Integrex I-630V
  • HAAS 5-Axis 750
  • HAAS 5-Axis 1000
  • Doosan DVF 5000
  • Kitamura 5-Axis 400mm (2)

Part Marking

  • Keyence Laser Marking
  • Multi4 V3 C 120 Dot Peen
  • Delcam Part Maker

CNC Mills

  • Mazak Vertical Nexus 410A
  • Mazak Vertical Nexus 510 (3)
  • Mazak Horizontal Nexus 8800 
  • Haas Mini Mill (3)
  • Haas VF3
  • Daewoo DMV 3016-L
  • Makino A51 Horizontal (2)
  • Laser Tool Setting
  • Doosan HP 5100 Horizontal 

CNC Lathes

  • Mazak QT Nexus 100
  • Mazak QT Nexus 200
  • Mazak QT Nexus 200-II MY (3)
  • Mazak QT Nexus 350-II MY 
  • Mazak QT 450-II M 
  • Doosan Lynx 220 LM (2)
  • Eurotech Trofeo (Twin Spindle)

Welding & Fabrication Equipment

  • MIG Welder
  • TIG Welder
  • Soldering, Torch Brazing, Spot Welding
  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication – Punch, Form, Laser
  • Mitsubishi EDM Sinker
  • Mitsubishi EDM Wire
  • Atmospheric Welding Chamber
  • Marvel PA460HD Horizontal
  • Marvel PA10/2 Horizontal
  • Marvel S36VP Vertical Band Saw

    Quality Equipment & Software

    • Brown & Sharpe CMM with PC DMIS Software
    • Brown & Sharpe CMM ONE Model 775
    • Romer Absolute ARM 75 Series
    • Keyence (Optical Inspection)
    • HighQa (Inspection Software)
    • GageTrak
    • QGP – Optical QL-20 Comparator 
    • 4ft x 14ft Starrett Surface Plate (2)
    • Brown & Sharpe TESA-HITE Gages
    • Automated Inspection CMM with 3D Touch Probe

    Engineering / Programming Software

    • MasterCAM X5
    • Mazatrol Matrix Cam

    MRP/ERP & Job Tracking Equipment & Software

    • ProShop (ERP Operating System)
    • Tool Boss
    • 5-AXIS

      Doosan DVF 5000
    • 5-AXIS

      Kitamura 5-Axis 400mm
    • 5-AXIS

      Kitamura 5-Axis 400mm
    • 5-AXIS

      Mazak Integrex I-630V
    • CNC Mills

      Mazak Vertical Nexus 410A
    • CNC Mills

      Mazak Vertical Nexus 410A
    • CNC Mills

      Mazak Horizontal Nexus 8800
    • CNC Mills

      Makino A51 Horizontal
    • CNC Mills

      Makino A51 Horizontal
    • CNC Lathes

      Mazak QT Nexus 350-II MY
    • CNC Lathes

      Mazak QT 450-II M
    • CNC Lathes

      Eurotech Trofeo (Twin Spindle)
    • CNC Lathes

      Eurotech Trofeo (Twin Spindle)
    • Engineering / Programming Software

    • Part Marking

      Keyence Laser Marking


    1314 State Docks Rd, NW
    Decatur, AL 35601
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    1605 Lake St
    Melbourne, FL 32901
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